Duane Prentice is a fine art, documentary, and cinema stills photographer and writer.  Duane lives in Victoria BC, Canada and travels extensively to capture images and stories, sharing adventures and explorations of our time on this earth.  Strongly rooted in the documentary humanitarian tradition, Duane seeks inspiration from our ever changing world with its diverse narratives, uncovering stories of people's lives and the state of the earth's environment. His work is influenced by music, literature, architecture and classical photography to the magic of celluloid cinema. 



Every year Duane photographs a few small volunteer and charitable efforts working to make our community a better place.  If you are having a gathering or an event and would like to have Duane drop by, please email him at duane@nomadicvisions.com.  He can't guarantee he can be there but no harm asking.  (2015 CISV International Camp held in Victoria BC)